Drummer Extraordinaire/The Man!

That is how the letter we received today was addressed. The following is the exact content from a very enthusiastic mother and father of the bride:

Dear Bill:

How else to describe Lisa & Derek’s wedding reception…the party rocked!

Bill, you and your band outdid yourselves Friday night at the Glen Island Harbour Club. Your energy was electric, and the crowd was left begging for more. From your homage to Glenn Miller (as requested) and your spectacular drum solo, to a fabulous rendition of Lady Gaga, the music was exceptional! Our guests crowded the dance floor all evening – we’re not even sure anyone ate the food!

The mark of a great party is the response of the guests, and anyone could see by the number of people on the dance floor, that they were most appreciative. We received so much great feedback about your band during the reception and in the days following – many said it was the most fun they’d had at a wedding. Everyone at the party was up on their feet dancing, and dozens of our guests remarked on the quality and range of your performance. When the party was over, they sure didn’t want to see you go. Thanks for the encore.

Central Park Orchestra is now the backdrop to two of our daughters’ weddings and we now consider you a part of the family. Thanks for your enthusiasm. Thanks for your professionalism and outstanding talent. And most of all, thanks for a wonderful memory.

Best regards,
Carolyn & Keith B…

Contact us for more info about New York wedding orchestras/bands/DJs.

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