NY Wedding Band – Wedding DJ – String Quartet

In your search for a band or DJ to play at your wedding you are doing your homework.  You’ve done your google searches for NY Wedding Band, New York Wedding Bands, the best NY wedding band and every other search term you can think of.  Don’t forget NY DJ and all the other DJ terms.  So, this huge list comes up of bands and DJs in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey.  Then, you start watching videos and listening to demos online.  But, you are listening at work.  You are supposed to be working so you listen on little tiny speakers at a low volume and watch videos in a little two inch square screen.  Not exactly the best conditions to be auditioning the band that is going to make your wedding a uniquely successful event.

A great way to audition a band for your wedding is to go visit their office, meet the bandleader in person, ask all the questions even if you think they are silly, watch videos/DVDs, look at pictures, read the Thank You cards, letters and emails that are testimonials of the band’s history of making successful events over a period of time.

Look at song lists, discuss options for the ceremony and cocktail hour such as orchestras or classical musicians, string quartets, string trios or a harpist.  Maybe it is steel drums you want to create that tropical beach feel.

Maybe you want a DJ/MC to handle the music for your wedding.  You can have the DJ do the entire wedding or you can have the DJ share the four-hour dinner reception with the band.  If the band is going to play the reception you might want the DJ to play the after-hours part of the party.

Discuss all of these options with your wedding professional.  Look for that level of comfort that uniquely works for you.  After all, the bandleader or DJ will be running your party, not the photographer, florist or any other wedding vendor.

P.S. Lighting can add a nice touch to a night-time wedding.  Perimeter ballroom lighting is popular these days.  LED fixtures can be used and change colors with a subtlety that won’t make you dizzy.

Published by New York Orchestras Entertainment/NY Beats DJs

I am a bandleader/drummer/vocalist/producer/DJ. I have made a career in the music business since age 15. I founded the company NY Orchestras Entertainment and the bands Central Park Orchestra, Island Head reggae band and The Vibe.

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