Taste the Music

People’s taste in music is as individual as taste in food.

Central Park Orchestra just performed at a wedding this past Friday evening at The Liberty House Restaurant, overlooking the Statue of Liberty and the New York City skyline. The bride and groom’s NO LIST included disco, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and many other songs and genres that are most often requested. Instead, they wanted the band to play ska, reggae and alternative rock. They also wanted Sinatra and Elvis and the groom is a big James Brown fan.

Guess what? We have gotten a great response on our Facebook page from that party. One guest said he never danced to ska or reggae music at a NY or NJ wedding before.

It is always fun for a wedding band to perform different music. The musicians find it more exciting. Playing the same cliches is more boring to musicians than to you, the audience or guests.

Get creative when choosing music for your wedding. Any good wedding band will be willing to learn a few new songs for your event.

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