Wedding Masters Podcasts

If you are planning a wedding or any other special event you need to listen to the podcast series “Wedding Masters”. Hear Carmine Cole, director of private events at Hildene, the Lincoln Family Home, in Manchester Vermont. There is an in-debt conversation with internationally famous DJ Neza from New York City. There is also anContinue reading “Wedding Masters Podcasts”

Tips From An Expert DJ

DJ GLOSSARY OF TERMS DJ (disk jockey) MC (master of ceremonies) Spinner (a DJ who does not MC) Mixing or Beat Matching (blending one song into another) Remixes (recording a new version of a song with a different backing track) Scratching (grabbing a turntable with your hand and moving it back and forth creating aContinue reading “Tips From An Expert DJ”

Tips From an Expert Wedding DJ

Before you choose a DJ for a wedding you need to read this expert advice from one of the best wedding DJs in New York, NY. Planning & Choosing the Music In my experience when it comes to down to music for your event the best method is to put on paper a couple songsContinue reading “Tips From an Expert Wedding DJ”