Wedding Ceremony Musicians


(above: violin, viola, acoustic guitar and bass during wedding ceremony in the gardens of Oheka Castle on Long Island)

Pairing the right ensemble with your choice of wedding ceremony music is one of our specialties.

New York Orchestras STRING QUARTETS and CUSTOM CLASSICAL ENSEMBLES perform traditional music of Bach, Beethovan, Pachelbel, Mozart, Handel and Vivaldi as well as pop music of The Beatles, Billy Joel, Katy Perry and Led Zeppelin.  They can perform music from Broadway Shows, Movie Soundtracks and even Video Games such as Land of Zelda, Final Fantasy and Super Mario Bros.

Our highly skilled professional string players have backed up famous artists such as Sarah Brightman for her TV concert appearance, “Fashion On Ice” broadcasted on NBC television.

String quartet – cello, viola & 2 violins              String Trio – cello, viola & violin

Harp ensemble – harp & strings, harp & flute

Seventh Ave Strings – plays pop music as well as classical such as The Beatles, Billy Joel, Journey, Katie Perry  View their beachfront wedding ceremony performance on this link

Piano ensemble – piano & strings, piano & flute

Musicians From Band: If you are having a live band you may also choose musicians from the band for your wedding ceremony.  Typically your choices would include keyboards, flute, acoustic guitar and trumpet.  Any combination of those instruments can work.  Again, all of this is based upon the music selections.

NOTE: It is cost-effective to have the musicians who perform at the ceremony also perform at the cocktail hour.

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