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Simply the BEST! I have tears in my eyes writing this review- that is how amazing they are.
First let me start by saying Bill is INCREDIBLE, what a pleasure to deal with, even my venue noticed this after my big day. We hired Central Park Orchestra for our wedding and also one of Bill’s DJ’s for our after party. Every single thing this band did was perfect. Emily sung for me as I walked down the aisle and I can’t even tell you how many guests said they got goosebumps and or started to cry. Between Emily’s beautiful voice and the wonderful guitar and keyboard player, my ceremony was the most surreal and beautiful it could have been. They rocked it out at cocktail hour and then they KILLED it during the reception. I had a packed dance floor for the entire four hours- it was crazy!
My fiancé and I still can not get over how much they sound like the artist they were singing, they all are just so talented- the best of the best. Music is such a HUGE factor at a wedding, and they gave me my dream wedding!
Wedding: 06/20/2014
Band Reviewed On: 07/14/2014
Location: The Royalton Mansion – Roslyn Long Island

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