NY Wedding Band Review

The following WeddingWire (NY Wedding Band category) review of Central Park Orchestra (a New York Orchestras Entertainment band) was submitted today by a bride who got married at Oheka Castle on Long Island.


My comment was too long for, so I had to shrink it down.  But, this is what it was supposed to say. Thanks for everything!!

I don’t think I can say enough good things about Bill and the band (Central Park Orchestra). I first met them when they played at a bridal showcase at Oheka Castle on Long Island, which is where I had my wedding. My husband and I had picked a Frank Sinatra song as our wedding song.  We also wanted a band and we very very worried we wouldn’t find a band that would be able to play/sing Sinatra well.  Luckily when they started playing at the bridal showcase they performed a Sinatra song and I knew they’d be my band!

The entire process was super easy, sat down and agreed on price and signed the contract.  The last meeting we had before the wedding was to go over the timing of the day, must play songs, do not play songs, etc.

My biggest suggestion when working with them is to let them do their job.  They are so talented and so professional that they don’t need direction and I’m sure do much better without “rules” from the couple. I told them a few songs we didn’t like and the genres of music we did but, told them to just play to the crowd and if they responded well to a certain genre to keep playing that. I danced the entire night, literally. And so did all my guests. They had a 92 year old up and dancing!

The entire night, people came up to me and told me how amazing they were and countless guests after the wedding, as well. I would especially recommend them if you are having your wedding at Oheka Castle because they perform there a lot and know exactly where and what they need to do for set up, etc.  We had a keyboard/flute for the ceremony, then piano/sax for the cocktail and then the 8 person band for the reception.

Every step of the process was easy. Bill is extremely responsive and answered all my questions quickly and fully. I keep trying to conjure up events where I need an 8 person band because they are so great!  I hope to be able to work with them again in the future. My husband, the more money conscious of the two of us, said they were priceless and worth every penny, and more. The music sets the entire tone for your wedding – at least I think- and they made it absolutely amazing!!


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