Oheka Castle Wedding Event Lighting

New York Orchestras Entertainment performed at a wedding at Long Island’s historic estate Oheka Castle this past Saturday.  Bandleader Bill Morgan Messinetti describes the setup; “We have performed at Oheka Castle literally over 100 times mostly for weddings but, also for corporate events and bar and bat mitzvahs.  Sometimes the clients will prefer the band set up on the floor and in this case, they wanted the band up on a stage platform.  The stage lighting was created using four vertical trusses with skirts and uplighting with moving-head intelligent lights.  They are focusing mostly on the dance floor.  The LEDs are placed behind and around the stage to light up the band/stage area.”

Below are some pictures that show perimeter ballroom “uplighting”.  This effect is created using wireless LEDs.  The first picture shows the band’s set-up on a stage that was brought in.

photoIMG_0607 IMG_0591

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