Central Park Orchestra ROCKS Gurney’s Inn Montauk

The family that owns the beautiful Montauk Long Island beachfront resort Gurney’s Inn selected the wedding band Central Park Orchestra to perform for their daughter’s wedding.  “We are honored that they came to NY Orchestras Entertainment for their own family event”, said Bill Messinetti, Central Park’s bandleader.

Ryan, the groom, is a talented entertainer himself who performs at weddings in San Diego, Ca.  Ultimately, he had the final say as to who he thought the best wedding band is that would be chosen to entertain the guests at such a special event.  Recognizing the experience that the band has and the quality of the musicianship, Ryan was very happy to give his stamp of approval.  Ryan then had many conversations with Bill about the song selection and timing of the wedding details.

Nicole, the bride, was encouraging Ryan to perform at the wedding.  When the day came, Bill did not give Ryan a choice and called him up to play.  What happened after that was CRAZY!  The crowd went wild yelling, cheering, dancing and screaming for more!  That went on for the last 30 minutes of the party until it was time for the band to finish.  Well, the guests would not let the band stop.  Central Park wound up playing an extra half-hour set.

Many thanks to the family and staff at Gurney’s Inn and congratulations to Nicole and Ryan.  We’ll see you soon!

P.S.  Did I mention the family-style dinner was awesome?

Published by New York Orchestras Entertainment/NY Beats DJs

I am a bandleader/drummer/vocalist/producer/DJ. I have made a career in the music business since age 15. I founded the company NY Orchestras Entertainment and the bands Central Park Orchestra, Island Head reggae band and The Vibe.

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