Planning a Wedding and Hiring Wedding Vendors

by a NY Wedding Band leader with 2 decades of experience.

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Most people only plan one event of this type in a lifetime.  So, it makes sense that most people have no idea where to start planning.  The first thing you need to do is figure out a total budget.  Don’t worry about itemizing or breaking it down at the start because you probably have no idea what things cost.  As you do research you will find out what venues, entertainment, invitations, florists, photographers, videographers and the rest of your vendors cost in your area.  Don’t read an article about the cost of wedding bands/musicians in Ohio if you are getting married in New Jersey.  I can tell you that a wedding band in New York City will be more expensive than even Palm Beach Florida.

Everyone is on a budget – some smaller, some bigger.  Once you have a total budget outlined you should pick an approximate date and search for a venue.  I say an approximate date because catering halls get booked early and may not have your exact date available.  You may also find that some caterers offer discounts for non-Saturdays that can be persuasive.  That does not mean that all vendors offer discounts.  Once you have the date and the venue then, you can start focusing in on the rest.  I always recommend you start with vendors that are unique.  What I mean is if the photographer you are considering is someone who only does one party and does not have a stable of a dozen wedding photographers, you should see him/her sooner than later.  That especially applies to bands.  Wedding bands are unique, in other words, if you like the vocalists or guitarist from a certain band, you will not find that exact person in another band.  I always recommend that when you start the process of looking you should follow through until you find the people you want.

Some brides and grooms walk into our office and book their music during the first meeting.  For some, they need to see several bands before they are comfortable making a decision.  Find your own comfort level.  What it comes down to a gut feeling of confidence that the person you are working with knows the business, is flexible and welcomes your ideas.

to be continued…

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