Oh My Goodness!! Simply Fantastic!!!

Dear Bill & Central Park Orchestra,

Oh my goodness!!  Where do we even begin?!  You guys are simply fantastic!!!  Thank you SO much for holding to your promise by making sure no one left the dancefloor!  Who knew anyone could get my 86 year old grandmother on the dance floor!?  All of our guests are STILL raving about your stellar performance.  You were everything we could have asked for & more!

We also really appreciated you listening to ALL our requests (and we did have plenty).  From THE BOSS to “Shout”, you played everything we asked for!  Everyone is still in awe that you NEVER took a break!!  I have never been to a wedding where the band didn’t stop.  You all are just so talented & so impressive.  It was an honor to have you play for such a special & memorable day.

We will be sure to give you a call for the anniversary party!!  And of course, we will continue to spread the CPO name.  Hope you are well & enjoy the rest of summer!

Warm regards,

Kate & Walker

P.S. Governor Christie & his family continue to rave about you, as well!  They had a blast.

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