Plaza Hotel New York City: Ultimate 20-pc. NY Wedding Band

The wedding of Jennifer and Philip was held at The Plaza Hotel in New York City. The couple hails from the Washington, D.C. area but, decided a NYC wedding at The Plaza was what they desired.

The ambiance was amazing – uplighting, staging, decor, and even the wedding cake which looked like a bronze Grecian urn planter with edible flowers. Each piece of cake that was served was topped with an edible flower. There was even an area in the grand ballroom decorated to look like Cleopatra’s den which housed the cake.

Grecian Wedding Cake

The wedding music was incredible coming from Central Park Orchestra. They had what you normally expect to see and hear in a wedding band – drums, keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion and 3-piece horn section and 4 front singers. In addition to the 12-piece band was an 8-piece string section. This is not your typical New York wedding band. This is a wedding orchestra on a grand scale. So, when Freddy Martin sang Sinatra, the strings from the Nelson Riddle arrangements were played. When the couple danced the waltz for their special dance, real strings were bowed.

We will have more to come on this wedding when we get some pictures and video from Camelot Studios and DMS Video Productions who were on hand to capture this incredible wedding, New York City style.

3 thoughts on “Plaza Hotel New York City: Ultimate 20-pc. NY Wedding Band

    1. I wouldn’t be able to put into words how scrumptious the cake was. I can only say that it was probably the best piece of food I’ve ever eaten. If heaven had a taste it would be the Ron Ben Israel cake I had at my wedding. Which the cake design was based on an English secret garden concept.

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